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Made Strong Physical Therapy & Wellness, Denver, Colorado

Welcome to Made Strong

Elevate Your Physical Therapy Experience.


Meet Dr. Jen Reed

Dr. Jen became exposed to physical therapy while in high school as a competitive soccer player. In recovering from three major knee surgeries, she was able to experience first hand the value, connection, and potential given with quality physical therapy. Jen is committed to creating a customized plan with the right combination of tools and resources for each client, because every case is unique! 

With a degree from the top physical therapy program in the country, Washington University in St. Louis, Jen is able to identify underlying factors and root causes to chronic pain, complex diagnoses, and sports-related injuries. Unfortunately, too many approaches to pain management and rehabilitation simply put a band-aid on the problem with a cookie-cutter approach, instead of focusing on a customized long term solution. Jen enjoys working with those complex situations that seem to have other providers stumped, and is often able to find that missing piece that is the secret to long term relief! 

Through Jen’s years of experience in physical therapy, both as a provider and especially as a patient herself, she has an invaluable way of connecting and empathizing with her own clients. She understands the athlete-mindset in taking care to not only heal, but prevent injury in the future to maintain an active lifestyle. Jen loves to experience all Colorado has to offer, including cycling, hiking, climbing, skiing, and competing in triathlons.


The Made Strong Approach

Find the Root Cause of & Relieve Your Pain

Identify factors unique to you and your body that are hindering your ability to live your life to the fullest.

Strengthen & Optimize Your Movement

Retrain habitual and compensatory patterns to relieve pain and feel confident in your ability to move.

Feel Good for the Long Term

Get back to the things you love by integrating what you’ve learned into your lifestyle to prevent injury for the long run.

Tammy UrbachTammy Urbach
19:51 03 Jan 24
Dr. Reed is PHENOMENAL! My experience working with her was life changing. She is highly compassionate and works with you from where you are mentally and physically AND then sets you up to go places you didn't think were possible. I couldn't recommend her more highly! Best decision I ever made for my health and well being.
Jessica WurtsbaughJessica Wurtsbaugh
19:11 03 Jan 24
Dr. Jen will meet you where you are at! She is great at looking at the whole body and finding out what is going on - she doesn't just blindly focus on one area. She will also assess your daily activities and see what can be changed to help with daily life. If you want improvement, then Dr. Jen is who you want to see!
Ryall StruykRyall Struyk
18:24 08 Nov 23
I worked with Jennifer earlier this summer for what I thought was a knee injury (actually was a hamstring injury). She did a great job with my treatment plan and I haven't had an issue with it since. I highly recommend her to anyone in need.
Kristi ChristensenKristi Christensen
02:36 07 Oct 23
Dr. Jen Reed has helped me tremendously the last couple of years with a torn rotator cuff, hips, low back, neck and ankle. As a former Professional Ballroom Dancer and current Licensed Massage Therapist, my body is always in need of extra correction and postural adjustments. Recently; Jen added dry needling to her practice and I am so grateful for this! Between manual therapy, dry needling and the exercises that she recommends; I am on the mend and continue to see Jen at 1 - 4x / month depending on the chronic structural imbalances I am up against. Jen is light-hearted and has a great sense of connection with people and pain. She has supported me during very difficult and emotional times through intense healing and I would give 10 Stars if I could! See you soon, Jen! KC
Vincent HasselVincent Hassel
22:43 17 Aug 23
After spending months waiting for my knees to heal, to went to see Jennifer. Jennifer’s program enabled me to get back to running in a few short weeks. On a second injury, Jennifer was able to identify issues missed by my Orthopedic Doctor.
Kathleen BrandtKathleen Brandt
00:02 10 Aug 23
I went in to see Jen for a persistent and worsening hamstring pain. Over the course of 3-5 months, Jen helped me progressively build strength in my surrounding muscles which helped alleviate my hamstring pain. After about 5 months, my pain was gone! Now I’m about 18 months out from my last PT session and my pain is still mostly gone. When I feel it creep back in, I go back and do the exercises Jen gave me and it helps alleviate the hamstring pain.I really appreciated Jen’s working style. She asked lots of questions to get a really good idea of my pain and how the exercises were working. She adapted exercises to fit my needs and was very positive and encouraging.I would absolutely recommend Jen and if I ever need a PT again, she’s my go-to!
Ellen SarkisianEllen Sarkisian
17:28 16 Nov 22
Jen is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and talented with her work, spending time to really understand what the issue is and work through strategies that are effective for me. If you are experiencing pain or just interested in working through more preventative strategies, Jen is the PT you should book!
Andy BravoAndy Bravo
23:11 30 Sep 22
Dr. Jennifer is amazing -- really takes the time to understand your situation, and for me that translated to a much clearer understanding of the drivers of my pain and how to healthily and progressively address them. Decided to take a trip I did not think I could do thanks to her...highly recommend!
Konomi AspenKonomi Aspen
20:16 14 Sep 22
We LOOOOVE Jennifer!!! She was highly recommended to us by friends after Jennifer successfully treated their daughter, aided in their daughter's full recovery and return to sport. Our daughter is a competitive gymnast and developed a stress fracture in her spine. We had also experienced this injury with our son, twice, and each time, healing required three to six months off from sports. Jennifer has been amazing! She evaluated our daughter, identified the likely culprit causing stress in our daughter's back, gave her exercises to strengthen and avoid compensation, frequently checks in on her, has an incredible app to share videos demonstrating exercises, track progress, communicate and schedule with. She is flexible with scheduling, comes to our home, is always bright, cheerful, positive and upbeat. She called our doctor to discuss her return to sport plan for our daughter to make sure it was safe, and has just been all around exceptional. She has become a trusted friend and mentor for our daughter, and we feel so lucky to have her on the team!
Sara StudzinskiSara Studzinski
02:20 02 May 22
Jen is awesome at what she does. She uses her expertise to get to the root of your problem and help you get better. So grateful for her knowledge and compassion! She is also extremely professional and she way to be around, so having her in my home was an absolute pleasure. Would 100% recommend her if you’re having any issues with your body whatsoever!
SJ BurdmanSJ Burdman
01:34 28 Mar 22
Jennifer is amazing! I came with a plethora of chronic pain ailments and also a fresh injury. I had an aggressive goal to be back on my feet for snowboarding season and she got me there with effective exercises and support. Highly recommend!
Christy LibertoreChristy Libertore
04:40 23 Nov 21
Jennifer at Made Strong Physical Therapy is a 5-star therapist. She is a great listener and strives to focus on evaluating you and treating you for the foundational issues that are causing your chronic pain. She is personable, flexible and really cares about each of her clients. I know who I will be seeing for each and every issue that needs PT going forward!
Mark DesantiMark Desanti
17:31 15 Oct 21
Dr. Jennifer has been wonderful to work with! As a 67 year old male with several minor issues, she came to our apartment for a thorough (and ongoing) assessment and then crafted a personal plan for physical improvement. It's always one on one and she always gives her full attention. Very professional and fully engaged, I highly recommend her services. Oh yeah, improvement has been noticeable and enjoyed! Thanks so much.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be extremely life-altering, and can be challenging to manage. With Jen’s approach, she can help to identify underlying causes to chronic pain, and why it keeps coming back.

  • Low back, hip, or SI pain
  • Hypermobility & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
  • Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Shoulder & neck pain
  • Knee & foot pain
  • Sciatica & radiculopathy
  • Spinal disc herniations & degenerative disc disease
  • Chronic pain due to scoliosis
  • Second opinion/approach to avoid surgery
Sports-Related Injuries

As a collegiate athlete and weekend warrior, Jen understands how challenging it can to overcome an injury that takes you away from your sport. A full recovery requires an elevated level of rehabilitation that incorporates the intensity in which you compete.

  • Knee ligament & cartilage injuries, including non-operative management and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Spinal instability and stress injuries, including spondylolisthesis & post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Plantar fasciitis & foot/ankle pain
  • Shoulder pain and post-surgical rehabilitation in the overhead athlete
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Jen has extensive experience in working with pre and post-op ACL reconstructions, as well as non-operative management of ACL sprains or tears. Jen has personal experience recovering from three separate ACL reconstructions from soccer and skiing injuries, and knows first hand the intensity required for this rehabilitation that is often missed in traditional physical therapy clinics. She is extremely passionate about this population!

Neurologic Conditions & Mobility Issues

Jen has additional experience and training in helping those facing an unexpected neurological event or diagnosis. She enjoys working clients and their families to help maximize function, independence, and participate fully in their lives when day-to-day tasks become more challenging.

  • Multiple Sclerosis (see below for additional resources)
  • Stroke
  • Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Dizziness, vertigo, and vestibular rehabilitation
  • Balance challenges
  • Orthopedic or pain issues in the presence of a complex diagnosis
Long-Term Injury Prevention

Jen’s approach to physical therapy not only helps to relieve pain and restore function, but sets you up for success in preventing injury in the future. She prioritizes bridging what you accomplish in physical therapy into your lifestyle & exercise routine to continue to reinforce optimal movement patterns.

  • Customized exercise programming & workout plans
  • Training plans in preparation for a race or event
  • Bike fitting
  • Functional movement screens to identify risks for potential injury
  • ACL injury prevention
  • Assistive device management & home safety modification
Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Jen has received additional training as a MS Certified Specialist. If you are struggling with a new diagnosis, change in your symptoms, or simply want to feel confident in managing your condition, Jen is who you need to see!

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We are located at 6161 W 44th Avenue, Suite 100, inside Vantage Movement.

Dr. Jen works with her clients inside the amazing gym, Vantage Movement! Here you will have the privacy for one on one treatment, but with the opportunity to utilize a variety of equipment and space to help you bridge the gap between physical therapy and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of conditions do you treat?

Jen is trained in treating a variety of conditions and diagnoses, though she specializes in the following:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic pain
  • Sports-related injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Those problems that NO ONE can seem to figure out!
  • Second opinion/approach to avoid surgery for pain management and restoring function
What is unique about your practice?

Dr. Jen started out working for a traditional physical therapy practice. She found herself juggling multiple patients at once, and longing for more time with them to understand the nuances of their pain or mobility problem. She saw patients coming back year after year with the same problem, and slowly declining as the years went on. She saw patients being bounced around between multiple providers without a coordinated effort to help their function. She knew there was so much more she could offer her patients given the right environment. Hence, Made Strong was born! Jen prioritizes understanding and connecting with the unique aspects of YOU, and looks at the big picture to provide you with the right combination of tools that will work for you in the long run. You also won’t be held to sessions 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks; often times, Jen can resolve most issues with LESS sessions than you may have experienced in the past given of the quality and productiveness of each session.

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Jen is an out of network provider. In order for Jennifer to provide the highest quality care and prioritize YOU, she has chosen not to forfeit that autonomy and have your care be dictated by insurance companies. However, in certain situations you may have the opportunity to receive full reimbursement depending on your plan and out of network benefits. Contact Jen if you have more questions about this.

I’m ready to feel better! How do I get started?

Request a free phone consultation or initial assessment here!

I have more questions. What’s the best way to get a hold of you?

Contact Dr. Jen here!

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